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Moco Toon, is the abbreviation of Motion Control Camera. It’s the new generation of 3D stop-animation production system, which is developed by Dison Animation Technology Co., Ltd. The main principle of Moco Toon is to control the rotary movement motor by the programmable computer data centre which can deliver electronic pulse signals. The main features of this system are the controllable and repeatable of the component. Moco Toon is a completely new Stop Motion Animation Technology.

Moco is an effective combination of the motion capture technology of 3D animation, movement control technology of VFX, and the Stop-animation technology. It can be wildly applied to Stop Motion animation, TV series and video ads, etc.

Moco well applies the hardware of Motion Control to the Stop Motion shooting system, which allows the shooting equipment to move precisely frame by frame according to the user’s designated trace.

MOCO Shooting scene

It realizes the desire of “what you want is what you get” in the camera track of the animation production. A completely new and unordinary real immersive experience of the camera can be achieved by Moco.

MOCO Shooting scene

Moco co-operates the trace shooting methods in film into stop-animation and gives you a movie effect. As the camera can be carried by the camera platform to realize the exactly frame by frame movement through the precisely calculation by Moco, therefore you can obtain a very smooth camera trace. This enables the photographs are more realistic, refined, and delicate, which brings you very impressive impressions of the scenes.

Moco has the direct control of camera by software. on all parameters. For example, white balance, photo sensibility, aperture, shutter, photometric model, shooting model, picture size, etc. all can be managed by computer. At the same time, the result of photograph will be recordedin the Moco system. There is no use to touch the camera which avoids any shaking of the picture. We can also change the degree of flash exposure by change the model.

The following camera model can be controlled by Moco:

All series of Canon EOS + part Nikon;

All series of Canon PowerShot.

MOCO Indicate operating mode

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