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Software Features

Five degree of freedom (extendable to six degrees)
Drawing 3D movement locus by Bezier curve with ease in and ease on
Editing, saving, importing, exporting and reusing platform path, and provide data plug in of camera path for general 3D software
Min depth=2/10000mm, max depth=infinite
Auto tracking of shooting objectives
Functional control to camera by software: Zoom in/out,white balance, ISO, aperture, shutter, resolution, auto explore, etc.
Support X-sheet and timeline
Powerful capture aids tools (onion skin, multiple size and color grids, dual screen monitoring, rotoscope, etc.)
Support auto transfer of capture image data to Moco database
Steroscopic model (optional)
Human oriented data management, user friendly interface
Professional power supply system, support infinite and nonstop capture
Hardware Specs

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